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Toshiba’s CarbonZero Scheme

co2balance have been working with Toshiba to develop their MFP CarbonZero Scheme. The scheme offsets the carbon emissions produced through the production, shipping and actual use of their MFPs (Multi Functional Printer), including up to 1 million prints.

This CarbonZero Scheme has proved to be very successful, generating excellent press coverage as well as providing Toshiba with a marketing edge to generate new sales.

A large proportion of Toshiba’s offset scheme supports co2balance’s African Energy Efficient Stove Project. Marketing Director at Toshiba TEC UK Imaging Systems Ltd, Mr. Steve Hewson, recently visited our Gold Standard Stove Projects in Kenya, making a short film to help promote their CarbonZero Scheme.

To view the film, please click the play button below.